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Entrance and exit hall of a train station. Stage where an unwritten, random work is represented, made by the continuous passage of anonymous passers-by. Empty, aseptic space, the "no place" of Marc Auge's supermodernity, where we are only allowed to move without stopping. That “no place”, border and threshold, marks the diagrammatic relationships between passers-by (indifference, observation, detachment, interest, courteous disregard…) An empty and inhospitable space that denies otherness, communication, encounter, that isolates us of what is foreign and makes us remain in our own world, in our darkest loneliness.


I collect images, fragments of this unfinished work, where the arbitrary conjunction of bodies, silhouettes without faces, faces without names, form a fleeting choreography on the neutral background, revealing the heterogeneous, anonymous and dehumanized city in its permanent flow.



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