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Collector of astral conjunctions, of singular moments. We guess the waiting of the hunter who shoots to capture the beauty. For this, he has chosen a place where the exterior and the interior meet, separated by ellipses, the bus, the walker, the underpass and the street. Place of exchange, of dialogue. There is some spatial narrative in the proposal. What happens when we stand expectantly at the crossroads where, for a moment,  stop all the stories of the occasional protagonists of the place? Is it the breath of Kairos, the luminous, beautiful and fugitive moment, the one that inhabits these images that arise thanks to the unconsciousness of their passive protagonists?


The dots, like the sounds of time that has stopped passing, that has been suspended, are the innocent symbolic notes that allow us to see the emptiness of the horizon, nature, water, loneliness, melancholy, the rain on the sea. The silhouette, edge, border, reveals something unusual, a structure, a framework, a limit to the truth. The silhouette, truth of the soul, covers the everyday with an aura of distinction. Fugue, absence, a look that is lost on the horizon, overseas. The conjunction of the bird, the cat, the woman, the cloud, compose both solitude and communion in the non-verbal, sacred, mysteriously woven space of nature. There is a primitive and strong, illuminating meeting of the geometric points, with the irregular punctuation of the events, of the birds in the sky. The circular patterns that leave the known in suspension appear as extraterrestrial beings that have settled on the border of the sea, as something strict and naive that coexists with the fragility of lovers, of the night. The ellipses mark the time that continues to run… elsewhere.


Gabriel Rodriguez. Foconorte 2007

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